Cobham Sporting Gun Club


The membership is ranked by average score in a handicap system;


Scores are recorded and averages calculated on a twelve month rolling basis. Members need to have attended six shoots within the previous twelve months for their scores to be included in the Club rankings.

Scoring is not mandatory. If a member prefers not to score they must enter their name on a score card with the letters "NS" marked against their name and then simply leave all the scores blank.

If a new member started off not scoring they could change to scoring at any time but if a member changed from scoring to non-scoring they would have to stay not scoring for at least six months before changing back to scoring. This is to avoid the possibility of anyone "playing the system" to increase their average scores.

Click here for the Current Years Sporting Shoot Scores.

You will need Adbobe Acrobat Reader software to read the scores. If you do not already have it you can download the latest version for free at the Adobe website.


2017-18 Club Trophy Winners:  


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Achieving over 65%


Achieving over 58%


Achieving over 50%


The remaining scores

High Gun/AA Class

Daren Aris

A Class

Ian Roberts

B Class

Stuart Gray

C Class

Carl Hodge

Tony Cattle Award (most improved shooter)

Oliver Thompson

Ron Hyde Cup

Paul Woodhouse

Roger Woollen Trophy

Raynor Manuel

Side-by-Side Cup

Wayne Sewell

John Maiklem Trophy

Daren Aris (1321)


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